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Hi there! My name is Akanksha, I’m 25 years old and I’m the new Official Blogger for Words With Heart. I am from India and that is where I have been throughout my life until I came to Australia. I am an electronics engineer and have worked in a multinational manufacturing firm in India for 3 years. I wanted to study further and gain an international exposure, and that’s why I headed for Australia.
The reason behind me wanting to get associated with Words of Heart is the social cause that drives the business. The idea of linking the business with a social cause related to women and girls is what appealed to me the most. I have been a part of such projects back home and it gave me immense joy to contribute towards something that I strongly believe in.
I come from a family that has always supported me in whatever decisions I have made for myself. I was always encouraged to study and be independent in every way. However, not all girls in India are as fortunate. In India, a few states are still struggling with the problem of gender inequality in terms of literacy. According to 2011 global census, the male literacy rate is 92% and with girls it is 87%. However in India, the statistics are 82.14% for males and 65.46% for females. This is a clear demonstration of the inequality that still exists in the society. To me, women education is in direct proportion with women empowerment. Education is not luxury, but a very basic level need. Education guarantees power and independence to females. With education comes both financial and mental independence, both of which I believe are very important in a society that is male dominant. Education helps us make right choices for ourselves.
Also, girls who are not entitled to attend schools and attain basic level education are forced to get married at a young age. Besides this, a highly unfair practice of dowry exists in the Indian society. Uneducated females cannot even retaliate to this as they feel this is the only way out. Educated females, on the other hand, are strongly against such practices. They consider themselves as equals and are looked upon with respect in the society. Education, therefore, is every girl’s right. When women earn for themselves, they are not looked upon as someone who are always to be taken care of which in turn changes the outlook of people towards them. In a nutshell, each girl deserves to be educated. It is every girl’s right. Educating girls will add to the development of the society and a nation, in large.
I am fortunate to get an opportunity with Words of Heart through which I will get a chance to express myself on a public portal. I am eager to share some great content with you, interviews and Words With Heart news. This is a cause that is close to my heart and I am looking forward to enjoying every bit of this journey!
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Author: Lauren Shuttleworth

Founder and Director of Words With Heart. Passionate about conservation, women’s and girls’ education, and really good gelato.