“One child, one teacher, one book and one pen can change the world.”






We make quality notebooks, business cards and all kinds of stationery products that you’ll love. Products to help you study, work, stay organised and get creative. Blank pages to fill with knowledge, ideas, memories and ambitions – all of the good stuff.













Words With Heart is an eco-friendly stationery and printery social enterprise that funds women’s and girls’ education projects.


It began with a desire to create a kinder brand of stationery that gives back.



More than 40% of the world’s commercially cut trees are converted into paper products. Some of that comes from managed plantations, but too much of it comes from old growth forests and rainforests. The traditional paper production process is also costly to the environment, leaking chemicals and pollution into our water and air.


And while we’ve been blessed to receive all the benefits and opportunities of an education, other women and girls are not so fortunate. Two-thirds of the world’s illiterate adults are women, and over 60 million girls across the globe are not in school.








As a social enterprise, we’re all about making a positive impact. Here’s how:


No trees or native forests are harmed in the production of our paper stationery. We use 100% recycled paper, vegetable based inks, solar power, and no harsh printing chemicals. And it’s made right here in Australia – greatly reducing the carbon cost of transportation.


Every stationery product we sell funds a specific number of education days for women and girls. We partner with some of the world’s most reputable charities, supporting primary and high school education, financial literacy and small business training.


We believe words have the power to change the world, and so we use them to make the best kind of statements. We use words that empower, inspire, and promote equality. Stuff that motivates, drives and uplifts you every day.