3 things that have inspired us this week

1. Raw Beauty NYC
Raw Beauty NYC is a project created by Christopher & Dan from the Reve Foundation. It was designed to inspire the public to change their views, transform stereotypes and spread awareness of women with physical challenges. It’s an innovative visual arts project that highlights beauty, empowerment and sensuality through photography. Twenty women were photographed, and it’s evident  they embrace life’s challenges and don’t let anything deter them. Even better yet, all funds raised by the project support the Dana Reeve Foundation, which funds innovative research dedicated to curing spinal cord injury. How awesome is that? Be sure to check out their website: here and browse through all the inspiring stories.
2. Joining Hands
Joining hands has us super inspired this week! Joining hands is a non-for-profit enterprise that offers health and wellbeing services, such as Yoga, Meditation and Health Checks. What makes them so awesome is they give back profits to provide these services to homeless and vulnerable people- free of charge!  Feel free to check out their website here and maybe even splash out on some wellbeing services.
3. International Day of the Girl!
As you may of already known, October the 11th was International Day of the Girl. It was a day of celebration all around the world that promoted girls’ human rights and addressed discrimination issues. Luckily, the guys at Global Girl Media Network are celebrating Day of the Girl every day. Check out their website http://ggmn.tv/ggm/. Did you do anything to celebrate or raise awareness for international day of the girl? Send us a picture or a story and let us know!
Have a great weekend guys!

Author: Lauren Shuttleworth

Founder and Director of Words With Heart. Passionate about conservation, women’s and girls’ education, and really good gelato.