Women With Heart

Welcome to Women With Heart.

Our VIP squad of rad women doing rad things.


Every week at Words With Heart, we receive emails from awesome customers and supporters across the world with a whole host of questions. Questions from women who are passionate feminists, who want to do more about gender equality, or have a brilliant idea for their own purpose driven business. Questions like:

How can I do more to help women and girls?

Where can I learn from other women change-makers?

What can I do to make a difference through my existing business?


At the same time, we’ve also wanted to find a way to give more to our incredible community. The customers and businesses that come back again and again, funding hundreds of education days for women and girls in the developing world.

And so…. we started something special and NEW!

A place where we can share know-how, advice, connection and inspiration with a squad of awesome change-making women, and also give an exclusive membership discount on all stationery and printing products. Women With Heart is about supporting kick-ass, creative women to pursue what ever they want to, but collectively creating REAL change in terms of gender equality.