6 Great Tips for an Eco-Friendly Christmas

With Christmas fast approaching it’s a good time to start thinking about what Christmas means to you.  For most people, Christmas is a time for celebration with food, wine and gift-giving with family and friends. Unfortunately, this can lead to excessive consumption and an abundance of waste. Not to mention all the packaging used! So, why not add the environment into your Christmas celebration?

According to a study conducted by  Lonergan Research, Australian’s will spend around $16.2 billion on Christmas, equating to around $900 per Australian! You can only imagine how much waste that would produce.  We thought we’d help you out and compile a list of our favorite eco-friendly christmas tips so you can reduce waste and celebrate the environment this festive season.

1. Give a worm farm!

Worm farms are the best way to reduce household food waste while creating super nutritious food for your garden. This is also a great present for children as it teaches them all about the environment and it’s fun! You can make your own worm farm, or you can buy an already made one from somewhere like Worms R Us

2. Tree time

Every Christmas season thousands of trees are cut down for people to decorate and place in their homes. Instead of buying a Christmas tree, why not buy a real potted tree to decorate? Even better, when the Christmas season is over you can plant it!


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3. Watch your wrapping!

1.9 tonnes of paper is used in Australia each year- and this includes wrapping paper. It’s surprisingly easy to cut down on the amount of wrapping you use. Some great alternatives include: collecting boxes during the months leading up to Christmas and decorating them. You can also get creative with recycled newspaper or plain paper and decorate it yourself. 

4. Give back to the environment

Gift-giving is a huge part of Christmas so it’s awesome that there is a great range of environmentally-friendly gifts out there. Here are our top picks for environmentally friendly gift-giving:

  • Raw Agave chocolates from Loving Earth. Containing no cane sugar or dairy and double the amount of antioxidants as conventionally processed chocolate, this is a perfect healthy treat for Christmas presents. 
  • Underwear from NicoWith sustainably sourced materials and garments that are made in Australia under ethical conditions they a perfect Christmas gift. Even better, they are the first Australian underwear brand to be accredited by Ethical Clothing Australia and their garments look totally awesome!  
  • Vegan makeup from Ere PerezThis makeup is made from carefully selected premium ingredients which are blended with antioxidants. The result? A gentle and highly effective make-up solution. Even better – it’s all natural!
  • Sustainable sandals from Vege Threads. These sandals are handmade to order which keeps wastage to a minimal. They also use hand-tools instead of heavy-duty machinery which reduces electricity usage. Perfect for the summer season!
  • Eco-friendly notebooks from Words With Heart. We use 100% recycled paper and card for our ever-inspiring notebooks making it a fantastic eco-friendly gift. You can find our collection here

5. Eco-friendly Christmas cards

Here at Words With Heart we’ve created some eco-friendly postcards so you can feel guilt-free about card giving this Christmas. Postcards are a great replacement for normal Christmas cards because you use half the card AND you don’t need an envelope! How awesome is that!

6. The aftermath

Once Christmas is all over and the New Year is settling in, store your used wrapping paper and decorations for away for next year.

Have a merry green Christmas everyone! 

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