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Every planner collection purchased funds 1 week of education for women and girls in the developing world.



Looking for just the thing to get your busy work/family life under control? We’ve got just the thing! Hail to the Lifestyle Planner Collection – 36 pages of planners, prints and inspiration especially designed for women on the go. Get the most out of your day/week/month, manage your savings and finances, stay on top of your work/fitness/life goals and LOADS more.

We’ve chosen a classic, minimalist design – black and grey tones to keep it timeless (and so you don’t need to use up all the coloured ink when it comes to printing out fresh planners!) We’ve also included a mix of planners to suit a whole range of lifestyles. So whether you’re a foodie, a mum, a small business owner, all of the above or anything in-between – we’ve got the basics covered.

And the best part? Every planner collection purchased funds a week of education for women and girls in the developing world.

Inside you’ll find:


Important Contacts

A place to keep all of your important details at hand. Insurances, emergency numbers – the lot.


To Do List

Ah, the good ol, to-do list. Only this one looks pretty and keeps the work and life bits separate. List all your tasks here, and then move them across into your daily and weekly planners to action.

Mind Map

For sketching out bits and pieces when words won’t quite do. Also perfect for doodling when waiting on hold.

Goals Planner

A fantastic planner to really help you map out all the work and life goals. Put an action plan in place and make them happen!


Because everyone needs a notes page!

Inspiration Bits

You know when you hear a really great quote, or read something inspiring that you want to remember for later? Write it down here, and you’ll have pages of uplifting inspo when you’re having a challenging day.

Books to Read

Because reading is what makes us grow. This is the place to keep a list of all the business and pleasure book recommendations you get from friends, colleagues and mentors.


Daily Planner

This little guy is going to change your life. Fill this out each morning and have the most productive, mindful, positive and healthy days you’ve ever had. Favourite feature – shade in designated icons and easily manage your water intake and stretch breaks.

Weekly Planner

The best way to set up your week. Map out the goals, get down a snapshot of the weekly schedule, list the to-dos, and pop in some weekly inspo. Favourite feature – ‘Send a note’. A weekly reminder to send a just because message, email or note to a friend or client. It’s a simple feature, but WOW – it seriously makes a difference to your personal and business relationships.

Weekly Schedule x 2

Two simple layouts to write out all the important meetings, catch-ups and activities you have for the week ahead.

Monthly Planner

A blank planner for monthly happenings. And extra space for all important notes and to-dos.

2016 Calendar

A straight-forward, stylish calendar for the 2016 year. Circle or highlight important dates, holidays, birthdays etc.


Shopping List

A super stylish shopping list organized by food types – so you’re not running from one aisle to other and then back again.

Meal Planner

Plan out your meals for the week so you know what to cook and when. And there’s even space to pop in your snacks as well! Great for anyone on a special meal plan, or simply for making sure you’re fuelled up for the busy week ahead.


A place to write out and record all of those wonderful recipes you find online, or are passed on from a friend or family member.

Fitness Planner

An excellent way to map out your workouts for the fortnight. Made easy to sort by cardio, strength and rest days.


The Savings Planner

An awesome planner to help you set a yearly savings goal and stick to it. Break down your monthly savings goals, set targets and then match them with what you actually save.

The Monthly Expenses List

The spot to keep track of all the important monthly expenses. Great to compare month by month to see how you are tracking with things like petrol, groceries and general bills and super useful for when tax time comes around if you use it for work expenses too.


Postage Information

A nifty little planner for keeping track of the packages you post – whether its returning an online purchase, sending out invites, or tracking the odd ebay sale.


Because business cards get lost. This is the place for all of the important contact deets you don’t want to lose!


3 x Vision Prints

Three stylish vision prints for you to write out your yearly goals and tape them up somewhere you’ll see them – above your desk, on your vision board – even the roof above your bed! Because what you think about you bring about.

8 x Planner Prints

Eight simple, inspiring prints to put in your planner, frame, or stick up with washi tape.


Once you pop this into your cart and go through the online checkout, you will instantly receive a download link to the PDF via email so that you can print off as many copies as you like. No waiting for the post to arrive and no shipping costs – woo hoo! So please take note that this does not include a physical item.

Quantity: 2 versions are included in your download – one in A4 size and one in A5 size.


Any digital files purchased are for your personal use only (for your own use or to print and give as presents). Please do not resell or share the files in any way, or resell the files for a profit. The files cannot be used to create products for digital or physical sale, and are protected by our copyright.


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