A special thanks to some incredible women who have helped bring Words With Heart to life, sharing their expertise and advice so freely.

Carolina Villaca Parker
Carolina Villaca ParkerGraphic Designer
Founder of Amora Creative, Carolina is a creative entrepreneur, branding strategist and published author. She is responsible for much of our beautiful stationery design, styling and photograpahy and is one of the most talented people I know.
Sonya Mamonova
Sonya MamonovaCampaign Videographer
The incredible¬† Sonya pieced together our vision for the crowd-funding campaign and whipped up the video within a pretty crazy time frame. She’s the owner of Shoebox Productions and has a whole heap of film work under her belt.
Celia Boyd
Celia BoydSocial Entreprenur & Program Manager
Celia has a list of¬† international development credentials so long I can’t possibly fit them in here. Co-founder of SHE Investments, Celia’s advice on social impact for women’s and girls’ development has been invaluable.
Emma Healy
Emma HealySocial Entrepreneur
Emma Healy is the co-founder of Cultivate Collective, a social enterprise which micro-farms sustainable, spray-free, locally sourced cut flowers in the Brisbane region. She supplied the beautiful flowers for our launch photoshoot and has provided much support and advice.