Keep Calm and Study! Our Top 5 Study Tips

Are you feeling absolutely weighed down by study and deadlines? don’t worry- so are we! It’s definitely that time of year again which is why I thought I’d compile a list of our top 5 study tips!

1. Practice mindfulness

Mindfulness is one of the buzz words that’s circulating at the moment- and there’s a reason why. Research shows that practicing mindfulness can reduce stress, anxiety and depressive symptoms. It also increases resilience and enhances work performance.

Smiling Minds is a web and app based program which was developed by a team of psychologists with expertise in youth and adolescent therapy. It’s also free! It’s an excellent first step for those who don’t know much about mindfulness but want to learn all about it. You can read all about Smiling Minds on their website here.

Smiling Mind Australia

2. Create an inspirational study space

Take 30 minutes out to create a space where you will enjoy spending a lot of time, will inspire you to reach your goals and that is clean and uncluttered. I created my own inspirational study space by writing inspirational quotes onto pieces of paper and sticking them behind my desk- it’s really helped me! I’ve found when I feel stressed I take a few moments out to read the quotes and I instantly feel inspired. I got the idea off Pinterest, which have so many other awesome ideas for study spaces. Check it out here


Inspirational study space from Pintrest


My inspirational study space


3. Focus

Sometimes the allure of social media can become all too much and people find themselves switching from social media to important assignments. This can create a huge problem because research shows switching between tasks massively decreases performance and increases stress levels. Something that can help is setting a timer and focusing on one task for just 10 minutes. When the 10 minutes is over, you’ll be so focused on the task at hand you won’t want to stop!

4. Eat healthy

Brain foods are the best foods for this time of year! Welcome oily fish, almonds, blueberries and whole-grains into your diet. Make sure you steer clear of sugars, processed foods and alcohol. My study food secret is putting chili on everything! It gives me heaps of endorphins to keep on studying when I’m feeling fatigued.

5. Keep calm!

If your having trouble with this one there are lots of natural remedies out there to help! Try Rescue Remedy, a blend of 5 different bach flower remedies and it is designed to help you through any stressful situation.

Good Luck!

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