Hi, I’m Lauren, and I’m a social entrepreneur with a passion for products that do good.

Earlier this year I was at the airport, and on my way to the boarding gate I stopped to buy a notebook. Walking into the stationery store, I saw something that really bothered me. It was a notebook for girls, and it had the phrase ‘Boys, heels, blogs – let’s get back to the basics’ written across the cover. It might have been tongue in cheek, but I was pretty upset about this hugely dis-empowering statement. It was especially frustrating to see these words on a notebook – a place for knowledge, ideas and creativity – and on an item that young women and girls would use each day at school or university. Words are powerful, and they can have a pretty big impact if you read them often enough.

I got on the plane, but I couldn’t stop thinking about that notebook. What if that statement had been an empowering one instead? What if there was a stationery brand that had a truly positive impact – and not just in consideration of the front cover, but in terms of sustainability and philanthropy as well. I believe in respecting our environment, and I believe that women and girls should have the tools and inner confidence to do and be anything they can dream of.

Words With Heart is a whole new approach to stationery. Combining environmentally responsible production, funding for women’s and girls education projects, and words that empower. It’s a brand for people that want to create a better world.

I would so love for you to support us in our mission to transform the future for women and girls – we’ve got big goals, and together we can make an enormous impact.  If you have any questions or comments, it would be great to hear from you – feel free to email me at