The Last Thing We Need Are Companies Specifically Designed To Exclude Women

Version of this article appeared on Junkee - 4/11/2016 The day before Junkee broke the story of plans to start a male-only co-working space in Brisbane, I had written a Facebook post expressing my frustration about being a woman in the start-up world. It went pretty much as follows: Friday night: Go to a business awards night (where every award winner is a man) and am [...]

7 Amazing School Girls Who Are Changing the World

You might have seen the viral ‘Like A Girl’ video and campaign recently – and if you haven’t, stop what you are doing and google it right now! Basically, it calls into question some pretty disempowering phrases about girls that have become cemented in our communication – ‘throw like a girl’, ‘run like a girl’, ‘hit like a girl’ etc. There’s been this […]

How to Find Your Life’s Purpose (from someone who did!)

One question I’m often asked by interviewers and supporters is ‘How did you know that the idea for Words With Heart was ‘it’ for you?’ I suppose it’s the kinda question that we’re all looking for the answer to at some point in our lives – what are we passionate enough about to invest all of our time and energy and resources in for decades and decades to [...]

7 of the Most Inspirational Women in History

Need some Monday inspiration? Surfing through the pages of history, there are innumerable women who have contributed towards society, politics, sports, fashion, society and pretty much the world in general. Some you've probably heard of before, but there are others who's enormous successes have been hidden away. Here's a list of seven such inspiring women who struggled, paved the way, and made their own destiny. 1. [...]

5 Simple Steps to Shift from Eco Overwhelm to Eco Warrior

"Embrace that you are an ordinary women that can do the absolute extraordinary" Lucy Perry I recently attended an event called Women Leading Change. As you can imagine by the title the speakers were incredible. They spoke of authenticity, self care, mindset, self acceptance, being of service to others among so much more. I am going to need at least a week to let it [...]